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All About “Love, Theoretically” by Ali Hazelwood: Release Date, Plot Synopsis, Author Information, and More

Updated on Jun 28,2023

Elsie Hannaway, a brilliant theoretical physicist, finds herself at a crossroads as the intricacies of her diverse life collide. Throughout the day, she diligently fulfills her role as an adjunct professor, dedicating herself to grading labs and sharing her expertise in thermodynamics, all in pursuit of the elusive goal of tenure. However, when the sun sets, Elsie delves into a different world entirely. In order to compensate for her meager paycheck, she utilizes her finely tuned ability to please others, offering her services as a professional fake girlfriend. With remarkable adaptability, she effortlessly embodies various personas, molding herself into the perfect companion that each client desires.

Release Date of Ali Hazelwood’s “Love, Theoretically” Book

The release date for “Love, Theoretically” by Ali Hazelwood is June 13, 2023. The book follows Elsie Hannaway, a theoretical physicist who also works as a fake girlfriend on the side. Her carefully constructed world comes crashing down when she meets Jack Smith, a broody but attractive experimental physicist who ruined her mentor’s career and now sits on the hiring committee for her dream job at MIT. Elsie is prepared for an all-out war of scholarly sabotage, but her feelings for Jack are becoming harder to resist. The book explores the world of academia, STEM, and the complexities of love and relationships. The author, Ali Hazelwood, specializes in writing contemporary romcom novels about women in STEM and academia. The book has received positive ratings and reviews from readers, with many indicating their excitement for Hazelwood’s newest release.

Available Platforms to Buy This Novel:

You can find this captivating novel available for purchase on the renowned online marketplace, Amazon. With just a few clicks, you can explore the intriguing world within the pages of this book review and embark on a literary adventure. Amazon offers convenient access to a wide range of formats, including physical copies and e-books, ensuring that readers can choose their preferred reading experience. Immerse yourself in the story, discover the compelling characters, and uncover the secrets that await within the pages of this captivating novel, available at an affordable price on Amazon.

Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood – Synopsis Plot:

The intricate web of Elsie Hannaway’s life has finally reached a tipping point. In her day-to-day existence, she navigates the demanding role of an adjunct professor, investing countless hours in grading labs and teaching thermodynamics, all with the ultimate goal of securing tenure. However, when the sun sets, Elsie’s unconventional means of income come into play as she immerses herself in the world of being a professional fake girlfriend. Drawing upon her finely honed people-pleasing abilities, she expertly morphs into the ideal companion, adapting to fulfill each client’s desires.

But the delicate balance of Elsie’s meticulously crafted reality begins to crumble when an unexpected twist unravels her Elsie-verse. Enter Jack Smith, the infuriatingly attractive and brooding older brother of one of her clients. Unbeknownst to Elsie, Jack is the very same cold-hearted experimental physicist who single-handedly destroyed her mentor’s career and tarnished the reputation of theoretical physicists. To make matters more complicated, Jack holds a prominent position on the hiring committee at MIT, standing directly in the path of Elsie and her dream job.

As Elsie braces herself for an all-out scholarly battle, she soon realizes that there’s more to their connection than meets the eye. The intense gazes and the freedom to be her authentic self in Jack’s presence challenge her guarded theories on love. Will she succumb to the gravitational pull of an experimentalist’s orbit, daring to put her most cherished beliefs into practice? The collision of their worlds sparks an enthralling exploration of love, vulnerability, and the unforeseen consequences of scientific rivalry.

About the Author:

I was born in the picturesque landscapes of Italy, my life’s journey has taken me across borders and continents. From immersing myself in the vibrant culture of Japan to embracing the rich heritage of Germany, my adventures eventually led me to the United States. It was here that I embarked on a path of intellectual pursuit, enrolling in a Ph.D. program in Neuroscience. The realization of my lifelong dream as a professor fills me with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Beyond the academic realm, my leisure time is spent indulging in the guilty pleasure of binge-watching shows, accompanied by the delightful company of my three feline overlords and my equally wonderful, albeit less feline, husband. Running and savoring the sweetness of candy also find their place in my moments of respite.

Ali Hazelwood, a captivating author of book writing, possesses an impressive background in neuroscience and academia. With a portfolio that includes captivating works such as “Check & Mate,” “The Love Hypothesis,” “Love on the Brain,” and “Love, Theoretically,” Ali Hazelwood seamlessly combines her scientific expertise with the art of story writing. Originally hailing from Italy, she has embarked on a global odyssey, residing in Germany and Japan before ultimately settling in the United States. Through her captivating narratives, Ali Hazelwood enthralls readers, delving into the intricacies of love, relationships, and the fascinating workings of the human brain.

Publisher’s Description:

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Love, Theoretically by Ali HazelwoodLove, Theoretically by Ali HazelwoodLove, Theoretically by Ali HazelwoodLove, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood


In a whirlwind of parallel lives, Elsie Hannaway finds herself navigating the intricate balance between her role as an adjunct professor and her unconventional side gig as a fake girlfriend. Juggling the complexities of her professional aspirations and the demands of her clients, Elsie has crafted a seemingly flawless existence. However, her carefully constructed world teeters on the edge when she discovers that Jack Smith, the enigmatic older brother of a client, holds the power to shatter her dreams.

As Elsie grapples with her conflicted feelings towards Jack, the lines between scholarly rivalry and unexpected attraction blur. Armed with her intellect and determination, Elsie braces herself for a showdown with the man responsible for her mentor’s downfall. Yet, amidst the battle for academic supremacy, Elsie finds herself irresistibly drawn to Jack’s presence, questioning whether her guarded theories on love are worth re-evaluating.

In this compelling tale of ambition, intrigue, and the complexities of human connection, Elsie must navigate the uncharted territories of her heart. Will she succumb to the allure of an experimentalist’s orbit, risking everything she has worked for? Only time will reveal the fate of Elsie’s carefully guarded theories on both love and professional success.

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