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All About “She Started It” by Sian Gilbert: Release Date, Plot Synopsis, Author Information, and More

Updated on Jun 28,2023

Annabel, Esther, Tanya, and Chloe, once inseparable childhood friends, found their lives drifting apart as they entered adulthood. However, the unbreakable ties of shared secrets have kept them connected through the ups and downs, even as their childhood dreams took unexpected turns. Suddenly, a surprising invitation arrives, stirring excitement and nostalgia within the group. Poppy Greer, an old friend from their past, extends a wholly unexpected but warmly welcomed invitation to an extravagant bachelorette party. This exclusive event promises three days of sun-kissed white sands, delightful cocktails, and blissful relaxation on a luxurious private island nestled in the serene waters of the Bahamas, reigniting their bonds in a breathtaking setting.

What’s The Release Date Of The Book: Release Date of She Started It by Sian Gilbert:

The release date of She Started It by Sian Gilbert is on 13 June 2023, as stated in the book’s details on Goodreads. There is no specific date mentioned yet, but it will surely be an exciting read for mystery and thriller enthusiasts. The novel follows the story of childhood friends who receive an unexpected invitation from another old friend and attend her bachelorette party, which turns into a nightmare as their darkest secrets are revealed. With its promising plot, readers have something to look forward to in the coming year.

Available Platforms to Buy This Novel Price:

When it comes to acquiring this best-selling novel at an affordable price, you’ll be delighted to know that there are several convenient platforms available to meet your purchasing needs. Firstly, Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, offers both paperback and Kindle editions of the book, providing flexibility for readers who prefer either a physical copy or a digital reading experience. Additionally, major book retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million also stock this novel, ensuring accessibility through their physical stores or online platforms. These well-established retailers often offer competitive pricing, making it easier for readers to obtain the book without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, for those who enjoy the convenience of digital reading, e-book platforms like Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Kobo offer the novel in their respective formats, allowing you to enjoy the story on your preferred e-reading device. These platforms often provide user-friendly interfaces, seamless syncing across devices, and occasional promotional deals, making it a convenient and cost-effective option to purchasing the novel. Regardless of your preferred platform, the availability of this captivating book across multiple channels ensures that readers can embark on an enthralling literary journey without worrying about the price tag.

She Started It by Sian Gilbert –  Synopsis Plot

Prepare for an unexpected twist as the party of a lifetime unfolds in ways none of them could have predicted. Annabel, Esther, Tanya, and Chloe were once inseparable childhood friends, but adulthood led them down separate paths. Despite the distance, the weight of shared secrets has kept their bond intact, even as their childhood dreams veered off course. Then, out of the blue, an intriguing invitation arrives, bearing the name of an old friend they haven’t heard from in ages. Poppy Greer extends a wholly surprising, yet strangely intriguing offer: an extravagant bachelorette party on a luxurious private island in the Bahamas, complete with first-class plane tickets, white sandy beaches, and an abundance of cocktails.

Although the girls haven’t kept in touch with Poppy, a glimpse at her Instagram reveals a transformed individual who has conquered success and wealth. Curiosity and the allure of a lavish, all-expenses-paid Caribbean getaway override any hesitations. However, as they embark on their first-class flight and arrive at the secluded island, they soon realize that they underestimated both Poppy and the depth of their own hidden truths. The picturesque paradise turns out to be far more remote than anticipated, with no cell service and no other guests. The women find themselves on a treacherous journey where secrets unravel, alliances shift, and their tropical adventure descends into a spine-chilling nightmare.

Prepare to be captivated by the endlessly twisting plot, keen observations, and tantalizingly catty dynamics of “She Started It.” From beginning to end, this gripping tale will shock readers as it navigates the darkest corners of these characters’ lives, leaving no stone unturned until the final page is turned.

About The Author:

Sian Gilbert, a talented educator and the creative mind behind the captivating novel “She Started It,” hails from the vibrant city of Bristol. Presently, she resides in the bustling metropolis of Birmingham, located in the United Kingdom. With her passion for teaching and a flair for storytelling, Gilbert has found a way to bring her literary vision to life, captivating readers with her unique narrative and compelling characters. Her ability to intertwine her experiences as an educator with her creative pursuits has undoubtedly contributed to the depth and authenticity of her writing.

Publisher’s Description:

William Morrow, a distinguished book publishing group, has long been recognized for its commitment to delivering exceptional literary works to readers worldwide. With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1926, William Morrow has consistently upheld a standard of excellence in curating a diverse range of books across genres. From bestselling novels to thought-provoking non-fiction, the publishing group has become synonymous with quality and innovation.

William Morrow’s dedication to nurturing and promoting talented authors is evident in its impressive roster of literary voices. By fostering strong relationships with book writers, the publishing group provides a platform for their stories to reach a wide audience, ensuring their voices are heard and their visions brought to life. With a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for compelling narratives, William Morrow continues to captivate readers with its thoughtfully curated selection of books, making it a trusted source for literary enthusiasts seeking engaging and immersive reading experiences.

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As the curtains close on their extraordinary journey, Annabel, Esther, Tanya, and Chloe find themselves forever changed by the unforgettable events that unfolded during Poppy’s bachelorette party. What was meant to be a joyous reunion among childhood friends turned into a twisted tale of secrets, unexpected revelations, and unimaginable terrors. In the face of adversity, their bonds were tested, and their true strengths emerged.

Through the idyllic backdrop of a remote island paradise, the women discovered that the path to self-discovery is often paved with unforeseen challenges. The veneer of familiarity shattered, revealing the complexities and vulnerabilities that lay beneath the surface of their friendship. Amidst the darkness, they found resilience and determination, refusing to succumb to the grip of fear.

“She Started It” masterfully weaves a web of suspense, entangling readers in its intricate plot and leaving them breathless until the final twist. It serves as a poignant reminder that even the closest of friendships can harbor hidden depths and that true strength emerges when confronted with the darkest of secrets.

As the final pages turn, the echoes of their shared experiences will linger in the minds of readers, inspiring them to reflect on the power of friendship, the resilience of the human spirit, and the unforeseen journeys that shape our lives.

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