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J.K Rowling’s Controversial Trans Views, Says ‘I Don’t Consider Myself Cancelled’

Updated on Jun 28,2023

Following criticism of her views on transgender people, JK Rowling stated that she “does not consider” herself “canceled.”

In recent years, Rowling has criticized gender ideology and, in her own wordings, “women’s sex-based rights.”

Numerous Harry Potter celebrities have harshly criticized the author for her well-documented opinions, including Daniel Radcliffe, who published an open letter condemning her beliefs, and Katie Leung.

At the Baftas earlier this year, Hermione star Emma Watson made a reference to it by telling the audience that she was “here for all the witches.”

I do not consider myself cancelled, Rowling asserted in a recent interview.

“The only time I’ve ever mentioned being canceled, my book sales increased”, she said in Letters from Suzanne. “Why even am I laughing now? I find it hard to believe I’m saying this. However, you must mock them”, the author added.


The backlash against the author, who has established a new support center for female survivors of sexual abuse in Edinburgh and the Lothians, appeared to start in June 2020, after she called out an article’s usage of the expression “people who menstruate,” 

I’m sure there used to be a word for those individuals, she wrote. Please help me with it. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”

While some Twitter users defended Rowling’s statement, many others, including a number of celebrities, slammed it as “anti-trans” and “transphobic,” claiming that people who conformed as non-binary, trans men, and non-gender can also menstruate.

In a recent interview, Rowling said, “I have no irrational fear of or hate for trans people in the least– as, God knows, I’ve already said so many times.”

Ralph Fiennes defended Rowling earlier this year when she received death threats because of her opinions. Moreover, Helena Bonham Carter also defended the author and said: “I think [Rowling] has been hounded. People’s judgmentalism has reached an extreme. She is free to express her viewpoint, especially if she has experienced abuse.

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