What’s The Cost Of Self-Publishing a Book Through Amazon KDP – Benefits, Book Pricing Guide & Royalties

What’s The Cost Of Self-Publishing a Book Through Amazon KDP – Benefits, Book Pricing Guide & Royalties


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    Wondering what’s the cost of self-publishing on Amazon? Well, it lets you publish and sell your book for free through its platform. You can set up your book’s price and self-publish your book on Amazon at no cost. It gives a variety of royalty rates based on your book’s price, size, format, delivery region/country, and exclusivity of sales.

    The Benefits of Self-Publishing on Amazon

    Self-publishing on Amazon has become a popular way for authors to get their books in front of readers. Because there is no Amazon self-publishing cost. Here are some benefits of self-publishing on Amazon:

    Easy to Use & Control:

    Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), is user-friendly and easy to use. Authors can easily upload their book files, design their book covers, and set their pricing and marketing strategy.

    Quick Publishing:

    Self-publishing on Amazon allows authors to quickly get their books to market. Once uploaded, it can be available for purchase within 2 days.

    Higher Royalties:

    Amazon offers higher royalties for self-published books. For example, authors who price their book between $2.99 and $9.99 can earn a 70% royalty on sales.

    Global Reach:

    Amazon is a global platform, which means authors can reach readers from all around the world.

    Marketing & Analytics Tools:

    Amazon provides authors with a variety of marketing tools to help promote their books, including advertising options, free promotions, and the ability to run sales. It also provides authors with analytics that show them how their books are performing, including sales data and customer reviews.

    How Much Does It Cost to Self-Publish a Book on Amazon KDP

    When pricing a self-published book on Amazon, it’s important to consider production costs, market competition, value proposition, and pricing strategies. Authors should aim to price their book high enough to cover costs but not so high that it’s unaffordable for potential readers. Authors can set their prices on Amazon through the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, but Amazon may adjust the price based on market demand and other factors. It is also a fact that self-published books are lower in price than traditionally published books because Amazon offers POD (print-on-demand).

    *If you have an E-book published with the 70% royalty option, the paperback must be priced 25% higher than the E-book per KDP Terms and Conditions.

    Amazon Kindle E-books Price Range

    • Minimum Price with 35% royalty: 99 cents to $2.99, depending on file size.
    • Maximum Price with 35% royalty: $200
    • Minimum Price with 70% royalty: $2.99
    • Maximum Price with 70% royalty: $9.99

    Amazon Kindle Paperback Books Price Range

    • Minimum Price: the cost to print your book as noted on the pricing page on KDP
    • Maximum Price: $250

    Amazon Kindle Audiobooks Price Range

    Amazon’s Audible platform: Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) is an online marketplace that brings together authors, narrators, producers, and other professionals in the audiobook creation process.

    Under 1 hour: under $7

    • 1 – 3 hours: $7 – $10
    • 3 – 5 hours: $10 – $20
    • 5 – 10 hours: $15 – $25
    • 10 – 20 hours: $20 – $30
    • Over 20 hours: $25 – $35

    Self-Published Book Royalties on Amazon

    The royalty rate that Amazon offers to authors depends on several factors, including the list price of the book, the distribution channel, and the delivery cost. It’s important to note that these royalty rates may be subject to change, and authors should review the current rates and terms of service before publishing their books on Amazon.

    Amazon Kindle Royalties on E-books

    • Books priced below $2.99: 35% Royalty
    • Books priced above $9.99: 35% Royalty
    • Books priced between $2.99 and $9.99: 70% Royalty

    Amazon Kindle Royalties on Paperback Books

    For paperbacks, Amazon offers a 60% royalty rate for books sold through Amazon, minus Book printing costs and a fixed delivery fee.

    Amazon Kindle Royalties on Audiobooks

    Books sold exclusively (on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes): 40% Royalty

    Non-exclusive distribution: 25% Royalty

    Amazon Country-Wise Book Pricing & Royalties List

    Amazon’s pricing and royalties can vary by country. When you publish your book on Amazon, you have the option to select the territories where you want it to be available. Each territory may have different pricing structures and royalty rates, and you will need to set the list price for each territory separately. It’s important to check the current pricing and royalty rates for each country where you plan to sell your book.

    Here is a list of some of the countries where Amazon operates for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) E-books with the standard pricing and royalties as mentioned above:

    1. United States
    2. United Kingdom
    3. Brazil
    4. France
    5. Germany
    6. Italy
    7. Netherlands
    8. Spain


    Here is a list of some of the countries where Amazon operates for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) E-books with varying pricing and royalties due to currency differences:

    1. Canada
    2. Australia
    3. India
    4. Japan
    5. Mexico
    6. Turkey
    7. United Arab Emirates


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    1. What is the KDP Royalty Calculator? / How to Use KDP Royalty Calculator?

    The KDP royalty calculator is a tool provided by Amazon to help you estimate the royalties you can earn from publishing and selling your book on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

    To use the royalty calculator, go to the KDP pricing page and enter the price you want to charge for your book in the “List Price” field and select the country where you want to sell your book. Click on the “Calculate” button, and the royalty calculator will show you the estimated royalty amount you will earn for each sale of your book in that country.

    2. What does my Self-published Book Look like to Shoppers?

    When you browse for a book on Kindle, you can see the book cover on the left. Then the book title and description are on the center of the screen. There are three main cards or book formats – E-book, audio, and print – with their corresponding prices to choose from.

    Because Audible offers a free trial, the price for the audiobook appears as $0.00.On the right panel, we see how much the reader can save by going for the Kindle E-book price versus the print price.

    3. How many Royalties does Amazon Offer on my Self-published Book?

    Amazon offers 25% to 70% royalties on your self-published book based on your book’s price, size, format, delivery region/country, and exclusivity of sales. (Exact royalty rates are discussed above in this article.)

    4. How are Royalties divided on E-books?

    Amazon Kindle Royalties on E-Books are as follows:

    E-Books priced below $2.99: 35% Royalty

    E-Books priced above $9.99: 35% Royalty

    E-Books priced between $2.99 and $9.99: 70% Royalty

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    5. Does Amazon Sell my Book all over the World?

    Here’s a list of some of the countries where Amazon operates and where you can publish and sell your book:

    1. United States
    2. United Kingdom
    3. Canada
    4. Australia
    5. Brazil
    6. France
    7. Germany
    8. India
    9. Italy
    10. Japan
    11. Mexico
    12. Netherlands
    13. Spain
    14. Turkey
    15. United Arab Emirates


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