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Our team helps authors:

  • Reach out to their target audience

  • Reach out to their target audience

  • Design a post-launch marketing plan

  • Use social media advertisements, and much more


Ready to Become a Bestselling Author? Our Online Book Marketing Can Help!

Our book promoters and marketers have the right experience and knowledge to attract the attention of your target audience.

Our Extensive Book Marketing Process Comprises

Our unique book marketing process can get you a chance to become the next bestselling author!

  • Step one
  • Step Two
  • Step Three
  • Step Four

Content Review

Our experts will read your manuscript thoroughly and devise a marketing plan that would best attract your target audience.

Document Development

Your book’s cover design plays a pivotal role in engaging a large audience. Our graphic designers will create the most compelling book cover design for you!

Book Promotion

Penguin Book Writers draft unique and engaging book promotional activities both online and offline to yield desired results.

Post-Launch Promotion

We utilize different channels to maintain your book’s hype post-launch. This includes social media marketing, email marketing, LinkedIn articles, blogs, and Amazon marketing.


Learn How Penguin Book Writers Market Your Book

Penguin Book Writers have been recognized for their top-notch and market-trendy book promotional services. Here’s what makes our marketing services the best in the industry:

Social Media Marketing

Our experts utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to promote your book.

Google Ads

We can help you reach out to your target audience by launching engaging Google ads for your book.

Website Creation

At Penguin Book Writers, we design a website for you, where you can get in touch with your audience and promote your book.

Book Cover Designs

Did you know that your book’s cover design plays a critical role in its promotion? Our graphic designers create attractive cover designs to compel the readers to buy a copy of your book.

Client Reviews

Our team will ensure to gain positive reviews from your readers and post them on your website so more people consider buying your book.


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Ready to Publish Your First Book? Think About It Promotion First!

Don’t let your efforts go in vain by not choosing a proper promotional plan for your book. Hire our services today and let your words unfold in front of the world.

Book promotion service

Get Your Story the Attention It Deserves!

Hire our book promotion company to avail the following services:

  • Social media advertisements
  • Website creation
  • Increased website traffic
  • Read events
  • Trailer scripts
  • Post-marketing strategies

Why You Need Book Marketing Services?

Writing and editing a book can go in vain if you don’t utilize effective marketing strategies. Book promotion allow you to connect with your target audience and let them know what your book is about. In this context, authors need to hire a reliable book marketing agency to ensure their book gets recognized worldwide.

Penguin Book Writers offers expert book marketing services at affordable rates. Our marketing department will review your book, and create social media ads and website content to engage and convince the audience into reading your content. Hire us today for more details.


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We Believe In Letting Our Work Speak For Itself.



“Penguin Book Writers did a fantastic job designing the cover for my book. It helped increase my number of potential buyers. So happy with their work!”

Sarah Williams

“I contacted Penguin Book Writers to help develop a marketing strategy for my book. Their team is highly professional and experienced. Highly recommended!”

Terry Jones

“Penguin Book Writers offers exceptional marketing strategies. They have all the right sources and techniques to get a book the attention it requires.”

Drake Andrews

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Penguin Book Writers has a skilled team of marketing strategists who will draft promotional activities according to your preference and budget.

A book’s cover design plays a critical role in its marketing. Thus, our team takes time to ensure it’s unique and attractive. Nevertheless, we are willing to expedite the process for you if need be.

Penguin Book Writers caters to clients' feedback more than anything else. We are willing to revise our marketing strategies to best meet your needs.

Penguin Book Writers will need your entire manuscript to design a marketing plan accordingly. We would also need to learn about your brand, style, and preferences to produce fruitful results.

Penguin Book Writers understands that every brand has a fixed budget. Therefore, we try to keep our services cost-effective and budget friendly.

Research suggests that readers are more inclined to read a book that has an attractive book cover. Thus, get exceptional cover design services to increase your book’s sales.

Penguin Book Writers utilizes various software and tools like social media ads, google ads, website video animations, etc., to promote your book online.

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  1. Send in your details about your project and wait for our agent to reach out to you. Our customer support team usually takes 24 hours to call back.
  2. Once you receive a call from our agent, you’ll be required to share your personal details and project information.
  3. Our team will review your content and devise a marketing strategy that would best fit your need
  4. Penguin Book Writers will devise both pre and post-publication marketing strategies.
  5. Once the book is published, we’ll continue to use different tools and methods to market your content. Talk to us

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