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Penguin Book Writers is a reliable and trusted agency that can help you connect with some of the best publishers in the industry. We are renowned for:

  • Timely publications

  • Diverse publications

  • E-book publishing

  • Technical Apt

  • Book distribution


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Our online book publishing services will let the world know of your creative ideas and captivating concepts.

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Our book publishing service guarantees a flawless process to help you reach out to your target audience more effectively.

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Draft Submission

Our process begins with writers submitting their final drafts to our agency with instructions for publishing and printing.

Editing and Proofreading

Our team will review your manuscript and ensure it is fit for publication. Here, we will proofread your work and correct any grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes we encounter.


Once the draft is ready, we will format the manuscript so it depicts the right font style and imagery, if any.

Book Designing

Our design team will take over from here and create an intriguing and attractive book cover for your content.

Publication and Distribution

We’ll send you the final draft for approval and then proceed with the publications. The manuscript published will be in accordance with your required format.


How Penguin Book Writers Offer the Best Publishing Services

Penguin Book Writers enjoy a stellar reputation in the literary industry, helping several individuals pursue their careers as an author. Here’s how:


Prior to book publishing, our agents will ensure your book creates enough hype on the internet.

Build Your Audience

Penguin Book Writers ensure to build your audience before launching your book.

Market Research

Experts at Penguin Book Writers will review the current market trends to set the right price for your book.

Publish Your Book

Our team has all the right resources to trusted publishing houses and will publish your book in a timely fashion.

Read Events

Penguin Book Writers can also arrange read events following the launch of your book so you can connect with your target audience in person.


Our team will continue to market your book even after it has been published to help you boost sales and make hefty profits.


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Ready to pursue your dream of becoming an author?

Penguin Book Writers can help you pursue your dream of becoming a renowned author. Just submit your manuscript, and our agent will take care of the publication process.

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Your Book Could Be The Next Bestseller. Hire Our Book Publishing Services Today.

Want to ensure that your book reaches the target reader’s shelf? Our book publishing services are here to help. Our team will ascertain that your book meets the standards of publications for a smoother process. Hire us for:

  • Book Promotion
  • Book distribution
  • Publication administration
  • Dedicated book publishers

Why Do You Need Book Publishing Services?

Publishing a book can be a real hassle. Authors have to reach out to literary agents and wait for their manuscript to get approved so it can be sent to a reputable traditional publishing house. Unfortunately, literary agents have to go through multiple manuscripts and the process can seem never-ending.

At Penguin Book Writers, we ensure your book publication process operates smoothly and conveniently. Our team will review your work, incorporate edits, and format your files so that it is readily accepted by a trusted publication house.

We save you the trouble of waiting for months to hear back from your literary agent and publish your work on time. Our connections with some of the most renowned publishing companies in the industry has helped several authors big time!

Contact us today if you wish to avail our book publishing services online.


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What Our Clients Say

“Penguin Book Writers is truly a one-stop solution for all your book publishing and marketing needs. Their experts reviewed my draft, performed developmental editing, and published the book within two to three weeks.”

Paula Michael

“I hired Penguin Book Writers when I was halfway through writing my first book. My job and family responsibilities kept me from pursuing my dream of becoming an author. PBW completed my draft and published my book professionally. Highly recommend their services.”

Amy Right

“Penguin Book Writers have connections with some of the most reputable publishing houses in the industry. They reviewed my work and ensured it was fit for publications before launching it.”

George Williams

Have Questions? Look for Answers Here:

The process of publication takes a few months to a year depending on your chosen package and manuscript.

All you need is a final draft to avail our publication services.

Self-publication is time-taking. Furthermore, the book’s marketing will totally depend on you.

The price varies depending on your chosen services.

Yes. We will have to format and edit to ensure the content is fit for publication.

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What to Expect From Our Publishing Services:

  1. Our representative will reach out to you once you submit your manuscript.
  2. We will ensure we have the details required to proceed with the book publishing process.
  3. Once that’s sorted, a dedicated book editor would be assigned to your book. They will have the right expertise and knowledge required to edit the content.
  4. A project manager will overlook the entire book publishing process and ensure timely deliverance. Talk to us

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