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Ghostwriting Services

People often have amazing stories and incredible ideas to narrate to the world but do not have the skill set of writing to articulate those thoughts into words. If you got a great story and need a professional writer to turn it into a successful book, Penguin Book Writers is at your service. We have a team of accomplished writers to work on your masterpiece. We make sure to satisfy our clients with our high-quality services.


Book Editing Services

A good story is just an ingredient for a successful book. Keeping the reader engaged with a good and fun read is also important and can be achieved by hiring a professional book editor. Writing flaws can leave a bad impression. Hence, hire our best editors and proofreaders to produce a best-selling book.

Book Proofreading Services

Proofreading the document one last time is one of the most crucial parts of the book-writing process. At Penguin Book Writers, our proofreaders make sure to give your book one last touch that keeps the reader engaged with the reading. Our team of writers and proofreaders has helped a lot of books become successful.


Book Cover Design Services

A book cover is the first thing a reader notices about the book. It should be capable enough to attract customers’ attention. The team of creative illustrators at Penguin Book Writers makes sure to professionally design your cover that instantly conveys the essence of your book.

Book Publishing Services

We have decades of experience working in this industry. We have close ties with the top publishers. Hence, we have helped our broad range of clientele with the process of book publishing. Due to our long partnership, our publishers are well-aware of our work style, techniques, and dedication to the work. Teaming up with the best publishers in the industry, we ensure to bring our client's stories to the world.


Book Marketing Services

We make sure that your book reaches everywhere around the world. It does not make any sense if you have written a best-seller and cannot enjoy its benefits because it does not get marketed the right way. Penguin Book Writers ensures that your masterpiece reaches the right audience.



Hire our team of highly experienced and dedicated book writers today and leverage their expertise to produce your best-selling book!

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HThe course of action that we follow to satisfy our clients is:

  1. Once you have submitted your application, our representative will reach out to you.
  2. To proceed with your book-writing project, we will ensure to have the required details.
  3. Once it is done, we will assign an experienced writer equipped with the required skill set and knowledge that matches your project.
  4. Finally, a project manager overlooks the whole book-writing process to ensure timely deliverance.
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